Honeymoon Quest - Character Creation and Chapter 2 Info

Well, hello hello! It's been a long time, hasn't it? 

....y-yeah. And uhh...I'm not quite done yet, so....let's make this quick...

Honeymoon Quest - New Features!

I promised last time (I think?) that I would explain more about the plans I have for the series going forward, specifically features not included in the Demo. In this Devlog, I'll tackle one of the bigger features.

Let's get right into it, shall we?

Player Character Customization and Personality

This is one of the key ambitions I've had with Honeymoon Quest. Rather than the ugly, grey player model we see throughout the Demo, I want the player character to be your avatar in Honeymoon Quest. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly to build immersion, provide greater interest as well as more interesting scenes, and allow for unique options you can explore.

This "Creation System" is going to be one of the last sub-projects before Honeymoon Quest enters the play-testing phase. I am not certain how in-depth the customization will be, but I will do my best to make sure it represents the uniqueness of all humans while still being feasible in animated and still-frame lewd scene content.

Personality, however, was the second innovation I'm aiming to add. 

And what better way to express personality than voice acting?!

That's right folks! I plan to have the player characters voiced, or allow a "silent option" for those who enjoy role playing in real life and say the lines yourself - totally valid and perfectly reasonable!

As for character personality, I haven't quite split it up as of yet due to the fact that the player's lines guide decisions rather than contemplate whether children inherently shouldn't be eaten by sea creatures. 

Yes, really.

I'm thinking of a few different ideas, but the one I favor  most is a sort of snarky/humorous personality that goes well with the comedic setting. 

Another is the idea of a super over the top edgy personality that could've made seventh-grader ObscureWhistle blush. 

I'm less inclined to do a generic, "serious/by the book" personality due to the fact that its BORING so I'm considering different options that have a similar desired effect.

Regarding VAs for the player characters, I'm currently considering having masculine, feminine, and enby voices to match with the in-game options regarding gender and sex for the player character. However, I hate limiting options and the player should have sovereignty over their character, so I intend to allow any voice to go with any gender identity or biological sex.

Want to have a cis-female character talk with a deeper, masculine voice? Sure, go ahead! 

Perhaps you a more androgynous voice fits your cis-male character better, or the feminine to your trans-female? All of these are perfectly acceptable, do what you want if it helps you enjoy the game!

And that's all I have to say regarding character creation and customization. I hope to tackle new features and provide more information in the future, but I hope this much makes you excited for the release of Chapter 1 and 2!

Honeymoon Quest - Chapter 2 Information

Chapter 2 is....a big one. There's so much going on and I really want to make this chapter a unique experience even before the lewd scenes become a factor. 

Essentially, this will be the foundation of Honeymoon Quest as a series, and I want to start it off right so that I can build off these two chapters without having to go back and rewrite/fix everything to continue...like I had to do this time around.

That being said, I'm 70% done with the rough draft! And I have been developing the backgrounds and character sprites with my extremely skilled artists! 

As for the release date, it is very hard to tell at this moment due to personal and world events. My job comes first and foremost, as it's currently the only way I can fund all of the assets for Honeymoon Quest.

However, I'm still given enough free time to continue writing and even help develop character designs for the second chapter! 

I'll be able to provide more information once the rough draft is complete and I hurry to finish Chapter 1. Which hopefully, shouldn't be too, too long from now!

So now, I'm going to bid you "farewell" and get back to work! I'll see you all in the next Devlog!

Also, Honeymoon Quest hit 700 downloads! Aaaah, thank you so much everyone!!!

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