Honeymoon Quest Demo - Version 1.01 Release!

Special thanks to Hjalgrim for providing line by line issues and general bugs - this helped out so much!

Below are many of the changes in Version 1.01:

  • Fixed Quit button being clickable from under the other menus.
  • Fixed Demo End not going to the animated credits.
  • Fixed Gallery showing from start of game instead of being unlocked after game is done .
  • Updated text dialogue to match spoken audio (he/she/they flavor text not included).
  • Made some optimizations for better performance.
  • Added gender change button to Gallery.
  • Fixed errors regarded Gallery animations playing in different scenes, as well as still-frames from those scenes making it's way into the main game.
  • Gallery will no longer lead to a new game.
  • Music from Gallery stops if returned early.

If there are any other bugs, please report them and I will do what I can to fix the issue!


HoneymoonQuestDemo-1.01-mac.zip 688 MB
Jan 09, 2022
HoneymoonQuestDemo-1.01-pc.zip 722 MB
Jan 09, 2022

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